What is Yandex Direct and How to Use it?

Yandex Direct is an advertising platform established by Yandex, one of the most used search engines in the world. You can advertise on Yandex with Yandex Direct.

With Yandex Direct, which has similar features with Google Ads, you can advertise for your website or by creating a promo page. Promo pages are pages created by users who do not have a website using Yandex Wizard.

Users; You can target with many breakdowns such as age, location, interest, keyword, heat map. You can create text graphics ads, graphic ads, map ads or app ads specific to your target audience.

Yandex Direct, easy interface design, budget estimator, data collection with Yandex Metrica, report generation, automatic targeting, etc. It also impresses with its many features.


How to Use Yandex Direct?

To reach thousands of users using Yandex networks, you must broadcast via Yandex Direct.

Step 1: Create your Yandex Direct account. At this stage, you will be asked for general information such as country, currency, e-mail, phone.
Step 2: Complete the Yandex Metrica installations.
Step 3: You can start the campaign setup by determining which ad type you will use and your campaign goal. In this step, you can also set metrics such as target rate, pay-per-conversion, and maximum spend.
Step 4: you can set your keywords.
Step 5: you can start creating your advertising materials. After making arrangements such as titles, texts, visual selection, preparation of the virtual business card, you can publish your campaign.

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