Starting a Business and Selling in the USA

Would you like to sell and establish a company in a country with $791 Billion in online sales in 2020?  It is the dream of many entrepreneurs to own a company in the world’s largest market, the United States, and move their existing business to the USA. Investing in the USA has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Institutions that want to invest or expand their existing businesses in the USA; Brand identities may be damaged because they do not advance with the right strategies while entering the US market. Especially for large-scale institutions, mistakes can be made that will cost quite a lot. One of the biggest mistakes made is not making a market analysis and not being able to determine the needs correctly.

Turkish businesses wishing to operate within the United States should manage their B2C or B2B operations well. We are guiding you for the innovative opportunities of being an entrepreneur and the advantages of going global in the digital environment, in our adventure that we started with the strategy of creating a global brand. We create a necessary strategy plan for your brand or new company in the USA by determining your market research, competitors, target audience and sales channels.


Tips for Selling in the USA

1.General Market Research
2.Trend Tracking
3.Choosing the Right Product
4.Profit and Loss Analysis
5.Determining the Right Price
6.Right Sale
7.Channel Selection
8.Marketplace Selection
9.Company Formation
10.Online Brand
11.Sales and marketing

After your new market strategy is determined, your brand story, online sales channels and social media accounts are implemented in accordance with the new strategy.

We contribute to your operation in the global market with a warehouse prepared for the use of institutions in the USA and customer services. We are preparing your procedures that will enable you to enter the US market by examining and detailing all your processes step by step.

There are many advantages and obligations of establishing and selling companies in the USA. For this reason, you can become a world brand with professional help and increase your sales volume and brand awareness. You can contact us to make your institution more equipped while opening to the American market.

To learn about the services provided by Marker Groupe, you can contact us via the website or via the e-mail address [email protected].

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