What is CRM and What Does It Do?

The whole system that allows you to store your customers’ data, manage customer relations, and segment your customers with different analyzes is called CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

CRM is a software system that manages your relationships with customers. To elaborate a little more; It helps to positively affect business performance in the sales process by collecting and analyzing customer data. CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” is the set of methods used to make the relationship your company established with its existing or potential customers in the most efficient, effective and ultimately most profitable.

Not all customer relations systems are the same. In this sense, CRM is divided into two as B2B CRM and B2C CRM. You should choose the right type of CRM to suit your B2B or B2C needs.

Within the CRM system;

  • With administrative tools, you can track your team’s goals, tasks or announcements.
  • With the dashboard, you can follow your customer visits, active customers that you have sent offers, or contracts.
  • You can access all information about your customers such as sales, activities and offers.
  • With Tasks, you can assign tasks that are planned to be done for customers registered or to be registered in your system.
  • With Activities, you can view all your visits made, planned or ongoing. In addition, you can perform filtering operations based on date or subject.
  • With the offers, you can follow all the processes of the offers you have sent to your customers.
  • With the contracts, you can follow all the contract processes taken by the representative.
  • You can prepare customized reports according to demand on the Reports tab.

All examples given; These are the most basic examples that can be done in the CRM system. We can customize or develop your CRM system according to brand need and demand.



The CRM system facilitates your business follow-up processes by providing you with all the details step by step, from the moment you first contact the customer to your after-sales communication.

Even if the personnel who stay in contact with your customer leave the job, you can access the customer data in a very short time and continue to serve without interrupting the communication process. In this direction, it ensures that the corporate memory is permanent.

It allows you to prepare a strategic marketing setup. For example; You can send an offer for the same product after 6 months to your customers who have purchased a product with a usage period of 6 months.

It allows you to increase your sales volume by enabling you to communicate more warmly with your customers.

By measuring customer habits, you can offer specially prepared offers and turn your offers into sales.

  • Companies that want to strengthen their marketing team,
    Companies that have an in-house sales team and want to increase efficiency,
    Companies that frequently send price offers,
    Companies that want to make their customers feel valued should use CRM.

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