Future of Internet What is Metaverse?

What is the very popular concept of Metaverse, which we have heard often lately and many technology giants have invested in?

Metaverse; It is a universe where people are involved in augmented reality, that is virtual reality, with computers, technological and 3D devices. The word meta, derived from the combination of the Greek word “after, beyond” and the English word universe, means “beyond the universe”.

Metaverse is a digital world where people can interact with different avatars with their personalized avatars that will represent themselves in the virtual universe, even hold virtual meetings, go to the theater, the cinema, spend time in the cafe and make their payments with cryptocurrencies. The metaverse, which is far beyond playing games; It allows visitors to interact and experience many activities in real time and use digital currency. “In this future, you’ll be able to instantly teleport as a hologram from your commute to the office, to a concert with friends, or to your parent’s living room,” said Zuckerberg, Facebook founder. used the phrase. Zuckerberg defines the metaverse as a virtual universe where people can be a part of this virtual universe and be in touch instead of looking at the screen. It will become a universe where Metaverse can eliminate the need for commuting and hold meetings with colleagues.

In real life, the metaverse is actually not a new concept. In this concept, a three-dimensional virtual world with avatars of real people is mentioned in the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. In the science fiction world, there was a lot of talk about metaverse-like virtual worlds.


The demand for coins increased tremendously after Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced that it would make large investments in the virtual universe. Metaverse coins can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges and spent on many activities such as shopping in the virtual universe. The first city to enter the virtual universe is Seoul. In Turkey, the artist Kalben made a quick introduction to the metaverse universe and promoted his new album in the virtual universe. Kalben’s special avatar was designed before the concert, and the metaverse concert was experienced for the first time in Turkey.

Metaverse promises to create a public space with social interaction because it is not just a game universe and is defined as the future of the internet. With Metaverse, digital marketing and digital branding have reached an important level. You can contact us to take new steps with the change and development of sector dynamics for digital marketing.

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