What is DSP and How Is It Used?

DSP is a tool that comes into our lives with programmatic advertising and provides advertisers with the inventory they need to manage their digital media campaigns.

DSPs aim to accurately deliver your digital advertising campaigns to the publisher side and your target audience. It allows you to make the media buying time faster, while analyzing the data, allowing you to deliver your broadcasts to the right users. It works for you to target the right user, at the right place, at the right time, using RTB (Real Time Targeting).

DSP platforms may offer different features, but in general, they allow you to broadcast with banner, video, native content. You can create your target audience with different targeting options such as interests, demographic information (age, gender, marital status, etc.), location information or search terms, and you can reach your potential customers directly with your preferred publication format.

What is DSP

The main advantages of DSPs are as follows;

It makes your media buying much smarter and faster.
It allows you to determine or control your unit costs.
It helps you maximize your digital media investments.
Thanks to RTB, it allows you to buy media in seconds by bidding in real time.
It offers direct precision targeting options to reach your target audience.
It allows you to identify your publishers by creating a whitelist or blacklist depending on the platform you use.
It saves you both time and costs.
It analyzes your campaigns and helps you achieve maximum profit with minimum cost.
It provides 100% ad visibility determined by the IAB.
It allows you to reach your target audience directly with its multi-screen display.
It allows you to deliver more effective messages to your users.
It increases your conversion rate and brand awareness.

How to Use DSPs?

DSPs media buying process is moving fast. Media purchases can be made in seconds. It instantly buys the ad impression areas offered to the auction by SSPs over the offers you have determined, and broadcasts your ads for users who are suitable for your audience.

Let’s reinforce it with an example; A user suitable for your target audience visited the xxxx.com website with ad slots and set a price of 1$ for the ad display area of ​​SSPs. DSPs give an instant offer of 1.1$, take the advertisement space for your broadcast and perform the advertisement display.

The example we gave is a very superficial and simple example. These transactions are performed on hundreds of inventories at the same time. With DSPs, one of the building blocks of programmatic advertising, you can optimize all your campaign processes and maximize efficiency.

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