How is Web Interface Design (UI) Made?

UI is the interface design of user experience oriented software. It provides interaction between the user and the software used. A good interface design easily serves the purpose of the visitor and ensures that it meets the needs of the person visiting the site. How is Web Interface Design (UI) Made? Before you start reading our content, What is Web Interface Design (UI) And Applications? You can have more detailed information by examining our content.

For web interface design, first of all, Adobe Photoshop or an equivalent graphic software must be installed on our computer. Then we start our interface design work. The interface design stage can actually be described as a stage where you can reveal both the sketch version and the original version of the website in your mind.

The overall width in interface designs is 2000 px. The background is prepared around 2000px and the main site content is prepared with a minimum width of 1024px to center this pixel measurement. The biggest reason for this is that the website is seen centered on all monitors and it does not cause any trouble to the developer during the CSS integration phase.

After these measurements, you start to create the website structure in your head with tools. Photoshop offers you the opportunity to create areas with tools, to draw from scratch, to create a special structure for yourself by creating special style packages and coloring. You create your websites with the help of tools.


Frontend and Backend

These two terms can actually be called “web design” and “web development”. While these two terms often seem to confuse those outside the industry, it’s actually relatively easy to explain the difference between them. To explain this in the simplest terms; frontend, the design and development of the interface you interact with when you enter a website; backend are the names given to the software development business that takes place behind the scenes of this website.


Frontend is the name given to the parts of your website that you can see and interact with. Frontend usually covers web design and development of your website frontend. When it comes to web design; Designers who can use design programs such as Adobe XD, Photoshop and Sketch, as well as write code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery are mentioned. Everything you see while using a website; It is the control of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by the web browser you are using. This includes fonts, drop-down menus, transitions, sliders, contact forms, etc. design works.
It is the backend that provides the infrastructure and technology necessary for the storage of the information added to these elements in the frontend, in short, for the frontend to come to life.


The backend usually consists of a server, an application, and a database. All of the background applications that create the architecture of the system, provide information from the frontend and even interpret and parse the incoming information are called backends. It should not be forgotten that the backend is far beyond the examples we have given. We work efficiently on the frontend, which we call the frontend, with the systematic processing of the coding structure created in the backend. For example, when you buy a ticket by entering the website of an airline or bus company, you interact with the frontend. however, the backend is the party that parses, stores and interprets your information.

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