Google Introduces CMP Partner Program – A New Step in Cookie Management

Google has introduced the “Google CMP Partner Program” to enhance interaction and collaboration in the Cookie Management Platform (CMP) domain. This new program includes a partnership initiative designed for publishers who aim to effectively manage cookie preferences through websites and applications.

CMPs are tools that allow users to manage their cookie preferences across various digital platforms. The Google CMP Partner Program aims to provide solution providers in this field with access to Google’s advanced cookie management technologies, with the goal of achieving a better user experience and compliance.

Solution providers participating in the program can gain advantages in managing user permissions, transparent data collection processes, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR by utilizing Google’s cookie management infrastructure. Additionally, partners within the program can receive support in delivering services and developing solutions in alignment with Google’s updated cookie policies.

The Google CMP Partner Program aims to provide more transparency and control over user privacy and data management, with the goal of offering digital marketers and publishers more effective cookie management across various platforms.

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