Digital Media Planning Process

Digital teams are directly involved in the media planning process of all brands. The digital team supports brand teams with technical issues and media planning processes. While the digital team is planning media, it manages the planning process by adding both social media channels and websites that publish display ads to the plan.

Digital media planning starts with the brief conveyed by the brand team. In line with the Breif presented by the brand, after choosing the appropriate channel for the target audience, the channels are summarized and the appropriate projects are added to the plan after they are clarified. While the plan is being prepared, the message to be given in the campaign and the target audience must be determined correctly. After the brief plan is made, it is expected to be shared with the brand and approved.

The materials sent by the brand are checked for errors or incompleteness. Broadcasts require clear budgeted and dated approval of the plan to begin. After all approvals are received by the brand, the operation process begins for the launch of all publications. In order for the materials to be published, the codes are extracted by defining the publication to the adserver. In order for the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and Google (Ads, Youtube, etc.) broadcasts to start, the budget and plan are sent to the teams and the broadcasts are started.

In order for the broadcasts to start on the display side, the codes and the delivery order must be shared with the channels. Within all broadcasts, broadcast information and screenshots are requested to share with the customer. By checking from the Adserver, the problematic broadcasts are reported to the media, so that the broadcasts progress more regularly.

Optimization is made according to the status of the publications and the campaign. Unless there is an extraordinary situation, an interim report is prepared in line with the determined process and information is passed to the brand side. In cases where cross-channel optimization and KPI changes are required, the plan is revised upon approval from the brand. Social media and Google report publications are shared weekly during the broadcasts. Unless there is an extreme situation, the standard report format is shared with the brand.

After the end of the broadcasts, the final report of the campaign is prepared and the post analysis is shared with the brand to see if the desired Benchmark has been achieved. Interim report periods differ due to the adservers used on a brand basis for Display broadcasts. Each brand uses different ads in line with the decision taken by the budget or management. After the publications are completed, a reconciliation with the channels is made and the invoices are sent to the accounting department.

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