What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising; It is an artificial intelligence product that allows advertisers to create their campaign targets directly based on data through software in digital advertising spaces. In its simplest definition, it makes media buying faster and smarter by maximizing efficiency; By analyzing the data, it shows the ads to the targeted users on the right platform and in the right channel with pinpoint targeting.

One of the most important features of programmatic advertising is the targeting options it offers. It contributes to ad delivery with targeting options that play an important role in campaign optimization. Programmatic advertising targeting; It provides a faster and more efficient conversion than manual digital advertising.

1. Geographical Location Targeting: It is a method of targeting users in the countries, provinces and districts that the brand will choose in line with the locations it wants to target, by creating a mass according to their behavior, consumption habits or the stores they visit. E.g; Users within 1 km of pharmacies in Şişli, Istanbul, and users within 5 km of X AVM.
Geo-targeting helps increase ROI while capturing the right audience for a good conversion.

2. Retargeting: It is a targeting method used to attract the user who has visited the advertiser’s site before, to the site again. It ensures that the customer, who is re-visited the site, takes action. It is the targeting of users who have visited your website in any way before.

3. Demographic Targeting: In order to determine the target audience of the advertiser; age, gender, language, education, marital status, occupation, monthly income and monthly category-based expenditure information. E.g; Show my ad to users between the ages of 30-35, female, Turkish speaking, undergraduate, manager, monthly income of 7000 TL and above, who spend heavily on cosmetics.

4. Targeting Similar Users: It is targeting people who visit similar websites and have previously received similar services from a different provider.

5. Data Targeted Broadcast: It is the targeting of potential customers with multiple different broadcast formats using data.

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What are the Advantages of Programmatic Advertising?

It provides efficient results in a short time by reducing costs.
Special advertisements can be shown to users with personalized ad spaces.
It facilitates effective campaign measurement and tracking.
Viewability maximizes the conversion rate while providing 100% ad visibility.
It provides the opportunity to analyze and report data in a single panel by collecting and combining multiple ad networks in a single channel.
With the advanced technology of programmatic advertising, it provides pinpoint targeting to reach the right target audience.
Multi-screen (mobile, desktop, tablet, 4K TV, Smart TV, etc.) compatible broadcast is provided.

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