What is Native Advertising and What Does It Do?

Native advertising is advertisements that allow you to reach your target audience without giving the impression of an advertisement by going beyond the ordinary. It allows you to show ads to your users that are in the mood for natural content.

You need to be careful not to create an advertisement perception in the materials you present your product or service to your target audience. Since you do not create an advertisement perception, you can reach campaign results that are more remarkable and have a high interaction rate. In the editing phase of your campaigns, you should create content according to your target audience. Remember that you can attract users by creating a natural perception.

You can be sure that you will achieve satisfactory results in all broadcasts made in accordance with the user experience and without disturbing the broadcast flow.


By determining your strategy, you can attract the attention of users and reach your campaign goal. With the right strategy, you can get the maximum performance from your campaign by sending your message directly to your target audience. With the right visuals, you can prevent banner/ad blindness that occurs within the scope of today’s user behaviors. You can convey your product or service to users in the right texts in the most accurate way.



In order to create your target audience, you can reach your target audience with many targeting options such as interests, demographic information (age, gender, marital status, income level, etc.), 3rd Data or location-based targeting.

You can specify the sites where your ads will or will not be shown. For example, you can target websites such as womenkulubu.com, powder.com for a publication that only appeals to women.

You can analyze all of your native publications and perform optimizations in line with your analysis.

What are the Advantages of Native Advertising?
  • Thanks to the natural content you have presented to users, you can communicate warmly.
  • By avoiding banner blindness, you can attract the attention of users.
  • You can increase brand awareness, conversion rates, brand loyalty.
  • You can deliver your message directly to users.
  • As a result of a research, it provides 55% more views and 62% more conversion rate than other ads.
  • Thanks to your ads that reach the user in a natural way, your interaction rate increases.
  • Its contribution to brand awareness can reach 82%.
  • It doesn’t get stuck with ad blockers used by many users.

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