What is Landing Page and What Does It Do?

Landing page is a landing page designed to convert users who visit your website from your ads into potential customers. Since the landing page serves a single purpose, the user should be able to understand this purpose immediately. For example, if you are running advertisements for form collection, your landing page should also serve this purpose.

Your landing page should convey the information they are looking for directly and clearly to the users who click on your ad and reach your site. It should have a different design from other pages on your website and should be designed in accordance with your advertising goal.

The details you need to consider when creating your landing page are as follows;

  • UX improvements should be made considering the user experience.
  • Your page flow should be visually compatible with each other.
  • Your landing page should be prepared in accordance with your advertising KPI.
  • Your landing page should run fast.
  • Mobile compatibility should be kept at the maximum level.
  • CTA(Call To Action) buttons should be positioned in a conspicuous area and call for a single action.
  • Your content should provide short and clear information.
  • All components such as title, content, image, form, color should be in harmony.


Sectors That Should Use Landing Page
It has become almost mandatory for use by automotive, healthcare, construction, bitcoin or B2B brands. Use of the landing page; You can use it for many reasons such as collecting customer data, communicating warmly with your customers.

What Does Landing Page Do?
The purpose of the landing page in digital marketing is to increase the conversion rates of users and enable them to take action in accordance with the target KPI.

Using the landing page;

  • You can increase your conversions.
  • You can access the data of your customers.
  • You can deliver your message directly to the relevant audience.
  • You can gain new customers.
  • You can create a reliable brand image.
  • You can create insights about your customers by analyzing user behavior.

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