What is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Integrated Marketing Communications is one of the strategies for organizations to promote their brands well among their target audience, not only to outperform competitors but also to ensure their long-term survival. Brand promotion increases awareness of products and services and eventually increases their sales, generating high profits and revenue for the organization.

Integrated marketing communication refers to the integration of brand promotion methods to promote a particular product or service among its target customers. In integrated marketing communication, all aspects of marketing communication work together for increased sales and maximum cost effectiveness.

Various Components of Integrated Marketing Communications

Organization: As the name suggests, the establishment phase includes detailed analysis of both the product and the target market. It is important for marketers to understand the brand, its offerings and end users. You need to know the needs, behaviors, and expectations of target customers. Monitor competitor activities closely.

Institutional Culture: The characteristics of products and services should be in accordance with the working culture of the institution. Every organization has a vision and it is important for marketers to consider the same before designing products and services. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. The main vision of the organization is to promote a green and clean world. Naturally, its products must be environmentally friendly and biodegradable, in line with the vision of the organization.

Brand Focus: Represents the corporate identity of the brand.

Customer Experience: Marketers should focus on consumer experiences that express how customers feel about the product. The consumer is likely to buy a product that has good packaging and looks attractive. Products must meet and exceed customer expectations.

Communication Tools: Communication tools include various channels of promoting a particular brand such as advertising, direct selling, promotion through social media.

Integrated Marketing

Integration Tools: Organizations need to keep a regular track of customer feedback and reviews. You must have specific software such as customer relationship management (CRM) that helps in measuring the effectiveness of various integrated marketing communication tools.

Relevance and Personalization: Integrated marketing communications naturally connects with personal and relevant communication solutions. If you’re targeting a specific group on social media by crafting a personalized ad, you can also make sure that after clicking your ad, you’re redirected wherever your customers speak the same language.

Customer Journey: Often, an integrated marketing communications plan can simplify your branding efforts by ensuring you provide a seamless experience for your customers. However, this means that you must first understand exactly where your customer is coming from and where you want them to go. A deep knowledge of the customer journey is essential to your personal definition of integrated marketing communications.

Integrated marketing communication enables all aspects of the marketing mix to work together in harmony to effectively promote a particular product or service among end users.

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