What is DA (Domain Authority)?

Domain authority is a score developed by the new English domain authority Moz. DA is a score that predicts how bold in web search engine results.

DA is a variable value between 0 and 100. While creating the DA value of a domain, about 40 different factors are passed through a complex algorithm. You can increase your DA value by maintaining a correct strategy and regular studies that you will perform in the long term.

It is very important to provide quality external links by institutions that do content marketing, backlink or SEO studies. We recommend that you check the DA of websites to get quality external links. Thanks to its high DA value, your ranking in search engine results will improve as well as providing quality links.


How to Increase Domain Authority?

Moz evaluates approximately 40 different factors, along with a complex algorithm, to determine your DA rating. You need to improve about 40 different factors such as URL structure of your site, backlink quality, quality of your site content, domain history, MozRank, MozTrust.

Unfortunately, there is no method to increase the DA value directly. While determining your DA value, Moz monitors the movements of even your competitors, and your competitors’ actions affect your DA value. You can perform the following activities to increase your DA value;

  • Create original and quality content for your website.
  • When optimizing content, pay attention to your meta-tag, heading-tag, permalink and keywords.
  • Position your internal links effectively.Reduce your site’s bounce rate as much as possible.
  • Expand your audience.
  • Intensify your content posts.
  • Pay attention to the quality of your external links.
  • It removes harmful links that appear as spam by search engines.

Domain Authority Values ​​and Meanings?

  • The domain authority of websites in the 0-19 range is considered low.
  • It’s pretty normal for new websites.
  • The domain authority of websites in the range of 20-29 is considered average.
  • The domain authority of the websites in the range of 30-39 is considered successful.
  • The domain authority of websites in the range of 40-59 is considered strong.
  • The domain authority of websites in the 60-79 range is considered very strong.
  • Websites in the range of 80-100 are considered proven sites

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