The Only 2 Free SEO Audit Tools You Need

You can use SEO audit tools to improve your website. To find all these opportunities, you have to look in different places: content, links, technical issues and more.

By using this, Google Search Console and Ahrefs tools, you can improve your website performance and stay ahead of your competitors. You can do a comprehensive SEO audit if you use both in the areas where they are best.

Google Search Console (GSC) is a unique and possibly irreplaceable tool in any SEO toolbox. In the case of Google’s search-related products, for example, organic traffic data, clickthrough rates, index coverage, etc. It offers the most accurate data for metrics.

If you haven’t set up GSC yet, all you have to do is sign in with your Google account, verify ownership of the site you want to audit, and wait for the data to arrive. We recommend that you submit a sitemap as soon as you open your account. With this sitemap, Google discovers and indexes your pages faster.



Checking organic traffic (from Google)

The most common use case for GSC and one of the same impressions is getting traffic, impressions, and visitors directly from Google. With the performance tools in GSC, it can be checked like pages with longer (up to 16 beers) duration or high products but related features. Verify your sites for you. You can use GSC to sell.


Checking for manual actions

When Google thinks that a page or a website is trying to change its search rankings, it can take an action called manual. This can result in lower rankings or even exclusion from Google’s index.

Google uses GSC to report a final manual action. If available on your website, the GSC panel will provide you with instructions on how to fix the problem.

Checking for crawlability issues

Crawlability is a search engine’s ability to access content on a page. If a page is not reachable by Googlebot, searchers will not be able to find it in the SERPs.

The Crawl Statistics report in GSC is useful for detecting potential issues with your website being crawled by Google. For example, server 5XX errors, page timeouts, or unavailable robots.txt files.

Google recommends this report for advanced users with sites larger than 1,000 pages. However, every possible bug here, including sudden drops in browsing speed, can affect smaller sites as well.

crawl-stats-google search console

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly

Mobil uyumluluk, Google’ın Sayfa Deneyimi sinyallerinin bir parçasıdır. Google, mobil cihazlarda gezinmesi yavaş veya zor olan yüksek sayfaları sıralamak istemez, çünkü çok fazla kişi internette gezinip yerel işletmeleri telefonlarını kullanarak arama yaparlar.

GSC, mobil kullanılabilirlik için tüm web sitenizi otomatik olarak izler. Herhangi bir işlem yapılması gerekiyorsa nelerin nerede düzeltilmesi gerektiğini sizinle paylaşır.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) is a tool that monitors your website’s SEO health and SEO performance.

Compared to GSC, it tracks more SEO issues (it also explains how to fix them) and offers more data on backlinks and keywords. You can think of it as a tool to fill the gaps of GSC.

Create a free account to set up Afrefs. Then add and verify your websites so the tool can start crawling them. You can use your GSC account to verify if you want.


Site Audit (for technical and on-page SEO issues)

If you know what kind of SEO issues you are looking for after the crawl is complete, you can go directly to the All issues report in Site Explorer. You can edit the importance of the issues and use “Importance” as a filter.


For each issue, you can view details with tips on how to fix it.


You may want to start checking with the Indexability report. This is a basic report because without indexing, pages are not seen by search engines and cannot bring any search traffic. This report will notify you if there are standardization issues or misplaced “noindex” tags.


On the left, we can see the distribution of faulty pages. On the right, we can see the distribution of pages with HTTPS and HTTP protocols.Any problems with links on your website will show up in the Links report. For example, you might see orphan pages, dead pages, or pages that contain links to corrupt external pages.


Click on the corresponding card to see all broken inside or outside pages. Charts provide an at-a-glance overview of link distribution.Some issues, such as title tag issues, can directly hinder your ability to sort.


The reports mentioned above are examples of 13 predefined reports available in Ahrefs. You may also find other reports helpful, such as reports for images, localization issues, or a custom set report that shows groups of pages with duplicate content. You can also create your own reports with the Site Audit tool:

  • Page Explorer
  • Link Explorer
  • Internal Link Opportunities
  • Structure Explorer

After you’ve finished fixing the issues reported in Site Audit, you can schedule regular site scans.


Ahrefs emails you when the crawl is complete so you can check for improvements, new issues, or just the overall SEO health score. The tool will also keep a history of site scans for three months.


Site Explorer (for checking keywords, traffic, and backlinks)

Unlike GSC, AWT has no limits on the number of reported organic keywords and backlinks.

With the organic keywords report, you can see the keywords you’re currently ranking for. Based on provided SEO metrics (e.g. position, Keyword Difficulty (KD), volume), you can identify content that may require an update or an opportunity to take over a featured snippet.


You can use these filters in the Organic keywords report to see less featured snippet opportunities.With the Backlinks report, you can see all the backlinks pointing to your website from specific pages (GSC only shows domains). The data comes with some seful SEO metrics like Domain Rating (DR) and organic traffic to the page. (You can also sort and filter these metrics.)


Here are some other things you can do with Ahrefs for your audit:

  • See how fast you get backlinks and keywords.
  • Evaluate the quality of your backlinks.
  • See which pages have a chance to move from the second SERP to the first SERP.
  • Discover traffic drops that conflict with Google’s core updates.
  • Look beyond GSC’s 16-month organic traffic limit.
  • Detect negative SEO attacks (through spammy anchors or spikes in referrer domains).
  • Use SEO data to evaluate the value of your website.

Source: Ahrefsblog

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