In Digital Marketing, The Beginning Of Everything Is Planning

Media planning is basically the process of making a series of decisions that seek to answer the question of what is the best way for a brand, product or service message to reach its potential consumer. Media Planning is part of the marketing plan.

An effective media plan is part of and follows the marketing plan. It predetermines the marketing objective, strategy and mix with the media plan. Because media planning is a sub-element of the endless “Ps” of the marketing mix. The job of an agency that does brand or media planning is not easy. In the Media Planning labyrinth, many basic elements such as people, environment, media mix, timing (time, day, season, season), level (reach), number of communication (delivery of the message at effective frequency) and price should be taken into account.


Each Brand Should Connect With Its Target Audience

The main goal of every brand is to establish a strong bond with the target audience at every step of the brand tunnel. It should establish a direct connection with the customer by adopting the items such as brand awareness, evaluation, thinking, purchasing, loyalty and recommendation. The stronger the bond, the more successful the transition from monologue to positive dialogue will be, the messages will be perceived successfully, and the bond between the brand and the target audience will be increased. As a result of the brand evaluation; It is revealed that the points that the brand needs and how the needs in these points can be solved by communication. The first step of strategic media planning is to determine in which direction media investments will be made in line with brand needs.

The beginning of valuable planning starts from his heart. While preparing a good media planning, attention should be paid to the following elements; brand’s background, product information and history, current threats and competitors in the market, clear targets, marketing, sales, communication, potential people that the product or service will reach, the main message, the creative world, sales figures, brand values and desired place and market share. It is not possible to come up with a good media planning without analyzing the elements.

Media Planning is a continuous process that requires a excellent flow. Who is the Digital Planner and what does he do in this process? The Digital Planner is a technology-loving, detail-oriented customer representative or project manager who constantly analyzes data and target audiences, performs measurement and targeting.

While media planning, expectations from the Media Plan and corresponding solutions are found first. The first of these solutions is the purpose; (reach, unique, views, number of successful results, large visuals, frequency, targeted broadcast, completion rate, earned media return, and unit cost) The second is KPI. (click, view, reach, download) The media plan is handled in terms of media, material and target audience.

What Else Should Be Considered While Making Media Planning?

Is there any non-digital activity? (TV Spot or Event)
How will we establish a future relationship with the people we communicate with? (Remarketing and CRM pool)
Can we include creative media applications? (Different innovative uses are produced by brainstorming with the channel.)

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