E-Export with Shopify

The e-commerce sector has been growing rapidly in recent years and e-export is becoming a great opportunity for businesses selling products in the global market. Doing e-export helps businesses expand their customer base, increase sales volumes and increase revenues. Shopify offers an effective solution for businesses that want to e-export.

Shopify is designed as an e-commerce platform and allows businesses to sell their products online. Shopify helps you set up your e-commerce site, list your products, manage checkouts, and process your orders. Shopify also offers tools for customer service, marketing, and other functions.

One of the biggest advantages of e-exporting is that it gives businesses access to a global marketplace rather than a limited one. Shopify allows you to ship your products to different countries and allows you to accept payments in local currencies. Plus, with Shopify being supported in multiple languages, you can serve your international customers in multiple languages.


You can follow the steps below to start e-exporting with Shopify:

  1. Open a Shopify account: To open a Shopify account, go to Shopify’s official website and sign up. Opening an account is free, but paid plans are also available.
    List products: Shopify allows you to list products and enter information such as description, price, stock levels. You can write product descriptions in different languages for your international customers.
  2. Payment processing: Shopify allows you to accept payments in different currencies from your customers in different countries. You can accept payments through Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and other payment providers.
  3. Shipping: You can take advantage of Shopify’s shipping integrations for international shipping. Shopify allows you to ship your customers’ products to their addresses in different countries and offers fast and reliable delivery options as different shipping options.
  4. Tax: Because you must comply with the tax laws of different countries, Shopify can automatically calculate tax in accordance with tax rates in different countries.
    Customer service: To meet the needs of your international customers, Shopify offers customer service tools. You can help your customers with live chat, email and phone support.
  5. Marketing: To reach your international customers, Shopify allows you to create marketing campaigns for customers in different countries. You can promote your products through Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

E-exporting with Shopify can help your business grow in global markets. Thanks to the features offered by Shopify, you can send your products to different countries, accept payment, ship and provide customer service. Shopify offers an effective solution for businesses that want to e-export.

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