Digital Marker Became Turkey Partner of Shopify

Along with being a Canada-based e-commerce company, Shopify has a structure that serves worldwide. In fact, apart from being an e-commerce company, it also serves as a proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores and retail outlets. With this structure, Shopify has become very popular in Turkey in recent years.,



With a very practical logic, Shopify allows you to achieve results without programming or software knowledge in terms of establishing your e-commerce business personally. It is a platform that provides services for us to present your products to marketing and sales processes in digital environments. It can be used as an e-commerce store software for free at certain tiers and for payment of a net fee at certain tiers.

Basically, since the errors that occur in many different e-commerce software are not seen on the Shopify system, the number of users is increasing day by day. This system, which can be used away from software errors, has a structure that can be easily accessed either by internet browsers or mobile devices as a cloud-based software in terms of accessibility.

The Shopify system provides the opportunity to create an e-commerce store with very little energy consumption, that is, without much fatigue. On the system, store owners can customize their products as much as they want and develop any type of campaign they want. Shopify, which sometimes offers additional software, interfaces and themes along with development opportunities because it has a very large user base, also creates an affordable use.


Features of ShopIfy System and Its Prevalence in the World

Shopify has 1 million customers around the world today and has generated around $1 billion in revenue in recent years alone. Anyone who does not have software or program knowledge on the system can set up an e-commerce store with a single control center, with a very low level of effort.

Today, many individual businesses around the world and even world-renowned corporate companies use the Shopify system. Among these corporate brands are names such as Lady Gaga Official Shop, Penguin Books, PepsiCO, Red Bull, Tesla Motors, Wordl Wildlife Fund. Today, being one of the most popular e-commerce applications in the world, it is possible to take advantage of opportunities such as advantage package, basic package or plus package within the scope of the packages it offers.

The Shopify system, which has a practical structure, offers solutions such as payment, design, marketing and shipping for online retailers under one roof. Thanks to the system, buyers can benefit from more than 70 payment options. In other words, more vendors can be reached thanks to systems such as virtual pos, credit card or bank payment. It incorporates marketing tools in the digital world and offers customization opportunities to complete the brand look.



ShopIfy Services by DIgItal Marker

Digital Marker, which has a young and dynamic structure, is known as a media agency that offers superior services in digital media planning and purchasing. As Digital Marker, we also offer services in many subjects such as media planning, SEO studies, social media, programmatic advertising and SEM studies that can come to mind in the digital context. Apart from all these services, we have finally achieved the success of delivering a qualified service structure to Turkey, thanks to the partner agreement with the Shopify system, one of the most used e-commerce programming systems in the world.

Shopify is increasingly preferred in terms of creating an e-store and developing a planned e-commerce, thanks to the system it has developed in our country in recent years and the opportunity to use Turkish. At the first point, you can have a free trial by taking advantage of all its features for 90 days, and then you can have your own e-commerce system by choosing between packages.

Thanks to the increasing advantages of Shopify in Turkey, you also have the chance to benefit from this system. With this partner agreement, you can choose to contact us to reach all the opportunities and different packages. This partnership provided by our organization will enable the Shopify system to be used more widely in Turkey and make e-commerce much easier.

To learn about Shopify e-commerce solutions, you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

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