6 Apps You Can Use to Build Your Business on Facebook

With 1.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly the best platform to measure your growing business. But how can you move forward to make the most of this dominant social media channel? If these and other questions are bothering you, here are 6 applications you can use to improve your business:



Facebook is known as the go-to-market channel for brands. Images uploaded to Facebook using user-generated content can help your business. Your main customers are connected on other companies’ networks. Using Yotpo’s dynamic ad structure and user-contextual resource information such as customer reviews or data that customers upload to Facebook and Facebook pictures can help greatly expand your business on Facebook, so your customers don’t get hung up on other companies’ networks.



Unlike all other social media channels, Facebook uses content sharing or click-through websites for active users. But Facebook users do not waste time looking for opportunities, they look at or share posts that make their loved ones or friends happy. You can increase the share in the sale of brand products by using the Viralstyle fan community to take advantege of the amazing market potential of Facebook. With this social e-commerce platform, you can increase your promotion and sales by identifying t-shirts and hooded cardigans, iphone cases and similar products designed by yourself with your customers. With Viralstyle, there is no difficulty for any of your businesses as it only requires a printer and cargo to carry out these activities.

It is very easy to campaign with the Viralstyle marketplace tool. Viralstyle provides the urgency of purchasing, and this platform also works in integration with Facebook ads that allow users to see the target audience relevant to the topic they are looking at.



Today, business owners and marketers are trying to reach their customers faster. We can define the feature of Desk as a tool that facilitates more frequent communication and exchange between potential sellers and buyers. For example; Integrating with Facebook, desk.com offers a highly active associated feature that instantly answers customer questions and comments. You can personally use them as payment support. Desk helps you deal with thousands of customers a month via Facebook.



Since Facebook offers many different market options, sometimes you may not be able to deliver your ads to your customers in the best possible way. Fortunately, there are solutions such as the Getresponse Facebook web application that display the registration forms on the home page. It allows visitors of the relevant page to register easily and faster.


 Market conditions can be daunting for businesses. Especially when it comes to complex visuals on information effort metrics. Using Cyfe, images can help you reduce clutter in this regard. Cyfe’s business chart shows various criteria about successful or poor marketing campaigns. With the information at hand, marketers can search for specific measurement and benchmarking criteria. With Cyfe, you can instantly track your more detailed Facebook data, all your social media channels, overall company performance, wages, and more.



For shopping businesses, Facebook is often second priority to your company’s online store. At the point of payment, many business owners do not consider using the facebook channel for e-commerce. Even just considering the extent of Facebook use, this thought may cause you to reconsider your relationship. Shopping applications are a time-saving e-commerce application. Shopial acts as a bridge between businesses’ websites and Facebook stores and offers you the opportunity to easily advertise your product.

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